Lionsgate graph. The fastest, most scalable graph analytics service on earth.

Treat your relationships as first class citizens.

Graph databases are essential when dealing with large, highly connected datasets. Lionsgate Graph discovers and stores relationships between your data points by design, and makes it easy to interpret their real world meaning, leading to valuable data-driven insights.

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Information Lake

Leverage existing data and BI assets.

Power value added analytics services with Spark. Information Lake can be implemented as a stand alone data lake or an integration and analytics layer over legacy architecture.

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Enterprise Analytics

Transform BI and Analytics into intelligent applications.

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IoT & Crowd Wisdom

The world is immersed in connected devices. Make the best decisions from a wide selection of data sources; from sensors to satellites, converged on one platform.

Combine the speed of your infrastructure with the knowledge of your personnel, to power a suite of reactive and evolving analytics services.

IMS. Infrastructure Management System.

Unify your infrastructure, simplify deployment and introduce flexibility.

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