Lionsgate graph. A production-ready scalable graph solution

Treat your relationships as first class citizens.

Graph databases are essential when dealing with large, highly connected datasets. Lionsgate Graph discovers and stores relationships between your data points by design, and makes it easy to interpret their real world meaning, leading to valuable data-driven insights.

Index free adjacency

  • Relationships as first class citizens
  • Avoid the join bomb when performing queries and analytics which derive meaning from topology
  • Model your data semantically
  • Generalise your concepts to things and relationships
  • Flexibly change your data models on demand to suit your business need without down time

Fused data models

  • Consolidate your metadata and treat it as a first class citizen
  • Allow many graphs to operate under one schema and distribute management systems augmentations in many networks automatically
  • Impose access restrictions homogeneously and obey relevant regulation with ease
  • Distribute your query with and see what results from differing geo-graphic locations aggregated in real time

Whole graph analytics

  • Run vertex programs efficiently on every data point in your graph
  • Bulk synchronous parallel is more efficient for iterative graph processing than MapReduce for most iterative algorithms
  • Combine vertex programs with MapReduce to compute statistics

TinkerPop 3.1.1 Gremlin

  • Gremlin ⊃ Cypher - Gremlin is the most expressive graph traversal language to date
  • Gremlin queries can be generated programmatically
  • Fine control over the traversal and computational patterns for high efficiency, speed and scale

Schema explorer and auto query building

  • Explore the space of all possible questions which can be performed upon your dataset without prior knowledge
  • Specify any number of constraints and see what routes are available to you
  • Discover the 50,000ft view of your data landscape